Strengths-based development - bring out the best in yourself and your organisation!

Most people working with development use a problem-solving approach. They look for problems, errors and shortcomings and think that if we just fix what is bad, things will automatically become great. But that’s not the case – if we simply remove a problem, we will only get to zero, ok. And this isn’t development – it’s damage control.

Do you want real, positive and sustainable development? Do you want to create a workplace characterized by pride, happiness, engagement and creativity, where people perform at their best and reach exceptional results?

Then you have come to the right place! I work with strengths-based development, which means that I focus more on everything you already do well and how you can do even more of it, than on errors, problems and deficits. My keynote speeches, trainings, strengths-based workshops and coaching will give you the tools you need to discover and build on your strengths and good practices, and help you perform at the top and get extraordinary results, both as individuals and as an organisation.

Most of my work is based on research in the fields of Positive Psychology and Positive Organisational Science, and on strengths-based approaches like Solution Focus and Appreciative Inqury (AI). AI is a method for developing individuals, teams and organisations based on what they already do right. By exploring what we do well, we can learn more about which behaviours and actions contribute to success, and create even more success.

My most popular speech, "Start a Positive Revolution!", focuses on five steps to create positive and lasting change:

  • The positivity ratio 3:1
  • Flipping problems into positive goals
  • Learn from your successes
  • Have an appreciative mindset
  • Build on strengths

Watch a 10 minute version of "Start a Positive Revolution!" here:

About Gunnel

I am a professional speaker, author, coach and leadership trainer with a passion for strengths-based development. It is my firm belief that people flourish and perform much better if they feel happy, proud and engaged at work. And to achieve that, we need to focus on our strengths and what we do well, instead of searching for problems and weaknesses.

I have a BA in Behavioural Sciences and extensive professional experience as an HR Manager, Office Manager, Project Manager, Coach and Trainer. I am also a Professional Certified Coach by the ICF, a Certified Organisation Consultant, Mindfulness Instructor and Clear Leadership Instructor. I have worked as an international coach trainer and am fluent in English.

Thank you so much for the fantastic contribution you made at the CIDESCO International´s Schools & Examiners meeting. Your speech gave our members great tools for them to start their own Positive revolution.
I was most impressed by the way you referred to scientific research, motivated the audience and mixed it all with a great sense of humor. 
From our first telephone conversation, I knew you would do an outstanding job and you lived up to and exceeded our expectations!

Anna-Cari Gund, President, CIDESCO

Gunnel's inspirational speech is one of the best I have heard. Gunnel is down-to-earth, tasteful and personal and with lots of humour she delivers spot-on truths that landed very well in our organisation.
In addition to giving inspiration and joyful laughters she also gave us some simple tools to apply in our everyday worklife.
We have started our positive revoution! 

Katarina Törnros, Regional Manager, LRF Konsult


I want to send a HUGE THANK YOU for your fantastic speech with us at The Body Shop! YOU were very appreciated and we have started a true positive revolution in my entire region! We have come into a marvellous FLOW which can be noted both among the employees but also in our numbers! Many thanks!!!
Carina Rosenblad, District Sales Manager, The Body Shop


Gunnel Ryner has been a very valuable resource for me as she coached me on a range of issues I have struggled with in my professional and personal life. As a trained coach and consultant myself, I wanted a coach who would challenge and assist me in setting larger goals and claiming more from my life. Gunnel has been just that person. She is a great listener, asks penetrating questions that open new awareness in me, makes challenging and appropriate requests that move me toward what I want, identifies blocks that limit my potential, and champions my growth and achievements. Her manner is relaxed, good-natured, supportive, humorous, compassionate and sensitive. I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking more from their life.
Bill Harley, President, Harley  Consulting & Coaching, Inc.

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